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Our Happy Clients

“Nifty IT Services provide full IT support for my business, the Whichcote Arms, a pub and restaurant with 6 rooms, a café and shops. I contacted one of the big providers before opening and I was told their config was sufficient for the business, but after multiple failures, it proved not to be. Russell was informative and explained things well and in a manner I could understand. We were having so many problems particularly with our EPOS and entertainment systems running on the Wi-Fi. I didn’t know anything about setting up separate networks or linking IP addresses to certain parts of the business. He advised us to install separate Access Points and set up different networks for different parts of the business and since then things have run perfectly. Russell didn’t stop when the new install was complete and always has new ideas to streamline the business. I can’t thank Nifty IT Services enough for getting my business running smoothly. "

Adam Parker, The Whichcote Arms. Osbournby

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