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Room in a pub with open fire
How Nifty IT Services helped a historical country Inn upgrade its WiFi to  keep the good times rolling for customers.
A case study of the Whichcote Arms
Seating area and pub bar
Small Business Tips

Adam shares his top three tips for other small businesses:


  • Greater efficiency and security through a WiFi-enabled EPOS system.

  • Improved WiFi provides seamless connections for staff and customers.

  • Guest WiFi promotes easy social sharing by patrons and digital advertising, promoting growth.

  • Projector and screen for the coronation.

Their Story

The century-old Whichcote Arms was lovingly restored by Adam and Lorna over several years and reopened in March 2023.

After leaving the world of welding Adam has embraced running the pub as a way to revitalize the local community.  The pub stays true to its historic roots with a charming and warm bistro-style ambience, where Adam and his team serve drinks and high-quality food. 

The pub has a bar and restaurant area, a kitchen and 6 rooms upstairs.  In addition, there will be a café, farm shop and two shop units opening later in the year.  The pub has very quickly become an integral part of the local community for food and employment.

The Challenge

The installed network infrastructure was not up to the job.  The Whichcote Arms is a large property with thick stone walls, several floors, multiple rooms and buildings.  Solid, reliable WiFi is required over all of the premises.  Adam is striving to run a business of the highest quality and constant outages on the WiFi and loss of service with the EPOS and their ability to process transactions were causing the business a real headache. 

The Solution

To enable the Whichcote Arms to have seamless and secure card transactions and a better customer experience, Adam went with Meraki Go an enterprise solution for small and medium-sized businesses offering a SINGLE, seamless, powerful, reliable, and secure WiFi network across his business.


Since Nifty IT Services installed Meraki Go access points, he has seen a dramatic difference in their efficiency and ability to cater to the needs of customers compared to their previous solution. They now have separate and secure WiFi networks for employees, customers, music, and the EPOS system, and prioritize usage and bandwidth limits for each.

With customer growth in mind, the next step is for Nifty IT Services to take advantage of the Meraki Go configuration and create a landing page for anyone logging into their guest network. allowing them to send customers a birthday wish! 

The Result

Having an unreliable network causing issues for customers, the Sonos sound system and EPOS payments is no longer a problem or frustration for Adam. His team can now get transactions quickly processed with a separate “behind the bar” network that gives them priority for EPOS transactions. Customers can surf the net in peace and Adam finally has peace of mind.

Meraki Go infrastructure installed and configured by Nifty IT Services has enabled the Whichcote Arms to transform their business, boost engagement and open up new revenue streams, and most importantly, keep customers happy!

Tip 1

As a pub owner, having everything connected and running smoothly behind the scenes is crucial to creating memorable experiences for customers and turning them into regulars. If you’re having issues Nifty IT Services can really help you.

Tip 2

To increase business, get Nifty IT Services to create a landing page for your WiFi network and attract customers through an effective digital advertising campaign.

Tip 3

Finally, engage with Nifty IT Services early.  Whatever I've needed from a new screen and projector to QR codes for my business they have been quick and happy to help.  By engaging with someone who knows IT from the start you give your business the best chance of succeeding. 


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